Isaiah Canonical Readings

Isaiah 1-39 and Proverbs

Theology of Isaiah Response

Poetry and Theology (short Version)

Poetry and Theology (Long version)

OT567 Isaiah Syllabus 2015

OT506 Isaiah Hebrew version 2013

OT567 Isaiah Course Notes

Isaiah: A Very Short Commentary

Isaiah: The Theology of the Book of Isaiah

Isaiah: The Theology of the Book of Isaiah (long version)

Isaiah: Eschatology in Isaiah

Isaiah: The Servant of Yahweh

Isaiah: The Book of Isaiah and the Imperial Context

Isaiah: Responses to Isaiah Papers SBL 2014

Answers to Questions about Isaiah

Isaiah 1-35 (Scripture Union Daily Notes, 1981)

Isaiah 1:1 and 2:1

Isaiah 1:18  If Your Sins Are Like Scarlet

Isaiah 9:5 (6): the Compound Name

Isaiah 24: Facing Up to Calamity

Isaiah 40-42: The Breath of Yahweh: Scorching, Confounding, Anointing

Isaiah 40-55: Servant of Yahweh

Isaiah 40-55 in the 1990’s (deconstructing, mystifying, intertextual, etc.)

Isaiah 41-45 The Arrangement of the Chapters

Isaiah 42:18-25

Isaiah 43.22-28 Part 1

Isaiah 43.22-28 Part 2

Isaiah 43.22-28 Part 3

Isaiah 47: What Happens  to Ms Babylon?

Isaiah 49-55 (Scripture Union Daily Notes 1987)

Isaiah 49:1-6 An Ordination Sermon

Isaiah 53 in the Pulpit

Isaiah 56-66: About Third Isaiah

Isaiah 56-66: An Isaianic and a Postcolonial Reading

Isaiah 56-66: Chiasm, History, Sociology, Theology

Isaiah 56-66: Poetry and Theology

Isaiah 56-66: How Important Is Isaiah 1-55 to Isaiah 56-66?

Isaiah 57 and 66: High and Holy, with the Lowly (A Baccalaureate Sermon)

Isaiah 61: Testimony (a contribution to a periodical)







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