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  1. Is there a list or book that references all the uses of Isaiah in the New Testament?

  2. I just wanted to say that I have worked through four of John’s “For Everyone” volumes in my morning devotions and intend to carry on through them all. They are very very helpful and have helped me to gain a greater knowledge of God’s patience with us, and the way he listens, sometimes answering and sometimes not, but always attentively, sometimes storing up what he hears for later. I have worked through many of Tom Wright’s NT volumes too – what a blessing the For Everyone series is. Fortunately I’m of an age when it is entirely possible that I will depart this planet before completing the whole OT and NT series, as I’d hate to come to the end of them. Thank you John!

  3. Hello John and Kathleen,
    I am immensely greatful for the books Prof. Goldingay writes. May God bless you for your impact in my life and ministry. I have a question about one of your books though. Is there a difference between your book “ models for scripture” and “model for the interpretations of scripture?” When I clicked on your book in this web site it takes me to two different books with big price difference. I want to buy “models for scripture” -one that has red cover since I saw the outline in google scholar. I need your help. Thanks

  4. Here is John’s answer:
    They are two totally different books. Models for Scripture is about authority, inspiration, etc. Models for Interpretation is about interpretation.

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