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  1. wanted to know about these great theologians
    1. W Eichrodt
    W. Bruegemann

  2. There are two papers on the site (under Theology) that talk about this – an older one called “OT Theology” and a newer one called “Theology of the OT/Hebrew Bible”

  3. Hello from Germany
    Question: Do you mind if I translate the paper “OT Sacrifice and the Death of Christ” for geman readers? Not for commercial use?

    Greetings, Hans

  4. Hans, you have John’s permission to translate the paper and distribute it to colleagues and friends. If you would be so kind, when you are finished translating, we would love to have a copy in German so that it can be posted on the website. Thank-you and blessings, John and Kathleen Goldingay

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