OT for Everyone Translation of the Writings

OT500 The Writings as an Introduction to the OT 2013

OT507 Psalms (Hebrew) Syllabus and Class Notes 2014

OT517 Psalms (English) Syllabus and Class Notes 2013

Hermeneutics of the Poetic Books and Short Stories

Megilloth (dictionary article)

Chronicles as Theology

Daniel: Story, Vision, Interpretation

Daniel: The Stories as a Narrative Politics

Daniel: The Theology of the Book of Daniel

Daniel: Wiki Article

Daniel: Three Issues

Daniel in the Context of OT Theology

Daniel: Nebuchadnezzar = Antiochus Epiphanes?

Daniel 7: Holy Ones on High

Daniel Bibliography

Ecclesiastes (Scripture Union Daily Notes, 1982)


Esther: Playreading Version

Job and Ecclesiastes: Wisdom on Death and Suffering

Job 22-28

Job: Playreading Version

Job Questions and (Some) Answers

Lamentations (Bible Reading Fellowship Notes_ 1998)

Prayer in Psalms & Lamentations

Proverbs (Scripture Union Daily Notes, 1979)

Proverbs 5 and 9

Proverbs: Introduction

Proverbs: Introduction and Commentary

Proverbs: The Arrangement of Proverbs 10-15

Proverbs and Isaiah 1-39

Psalms: Holy Spirit and the Psalms

Psalms as an Invitation into a Spiral Relationship with God

Psalms: Allusion and the Psalms

Psalms: The Contemporary Use of the Imprecatory Psalms

Psalms: Death and Afterlife in the Psalms

Psalms: Praying the Psalms

Psalms: Repetation and Variation

Psalms: The Dynamic Cycle of Praise and Prayer

Psalms: The Message of the Psalms

Psalms: The Sting in the Psalms

Psalms: Prayers of Thanksgiving

Psalm 4

Psalm 51:16a (14a)


Psalm 104: Creation in Genesis 1 and Psalm 104

Psalm 137: On Dashing Little ones against the Rock

Ruth: Playreading Version

Song of Songs: So What Might the Song of Songs Do To Them

Song of Songs for A Wedding

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