Another Shooting

OT 865-551 Ethics Course Syllabus and Notes

OT 865-551 Ethics Bibliography

Alliance (dictionary article)

Anger (dictionary article)

The Basics of Old Testament Spirituality

Being Human, In Light of Disability

Christ in/and the OT



Covenants and Nature

Divine Ideals, Human Stubbornness, and Scriptural Inerrancy

Does God Care about Animals?

The Family in the OT

Genocide in the OT

God and the City

Humanity (dictionary articles on words for body, flesh, image, name, soul, heart, mind, etc.)

Is Election Fair? (Justice and Salvation for Israel and Canaan)Is Leadership Biblical?

Moses (and Jesus and Paul) For Your Hardness of Hearts

On the OT Texts on War

Same-Sex Marriage


Same-Sex Relationships: Asking the Bible for Answers to Questions It Does Not Ask

Same-Sex Relationships: Response to an Essay on Services of Blessing


Women and Men in the OT (The Bible and Sexuality)



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