Month: September 2021

New Postings

Published / by kathleen

Introducing the Psalms: Something John has done for a Study Bible, on the origin and
background of the Psalms and the different types of psalm. It’s posted
under the Writings tab.

John recently completed a paper on “Violence, Justice, Advocacy, and
Intercession in the Psalms,”
which you can find under the Writings

Joshua Goes to Kathmandu

Published / by kathleen

Notes from John: As I have taught online at the Asia Graduate School of Theology in
Kathmandu and have simultaneously been writing a commentary on Joshua,
I have wondered what happens when we put Joshua and Nepal together.
What would happen if Joshua went to Kathmandu? How might he reflect?

See the paper on “Joshua Goes to Kathmandu” posted under the “Prophets” tab.