Other Papers

John’s Forward to an upcoming book by Dan Hawk on the violence of the biblical God:

Violence – Dan Hawk – forward

John’s Book Review of “The Lord is Good: Seeking the God of the Psalter” by Christopher R.J. Holmes (Intervarsity):

The Lord is Good- Holmes – book review

Paper given by John 3/11/2016 at Pentacostal Society Conference

Holy Spirit and the Psalms

Papers given by John at 2015 Prayer Summit, All Nations Church

Praying For and Against Others

Psalms Invitation to Spiral Relationship

Papers given by John at Asbury Theological Seminary

CostlyLoss of Old Testament Spirituality1FaithLoveHope


Theological Interpretation Don’t be Christ centered Trinitarian or Constrained by Rule of Faith

If You Hurry You May Catch up with the Risen Christ

Other Writings by John:

After Eating the Apricot

An Ignatian Approach to Reading the OT

Ignatian New Testatment Reading Scheme

An Outline of Israel’s History

Are They Comic Acts?

Atonement Today

Authority and Ministry

Being Evangelical in 1990

The Bible in the City

The Bible in the Life of the Church: Case Study One

The Bible in the Life of the Church: Case Study Two

The Bible in the Life of the Church Project: Reflections in 2010

The Bible in the Life of the Church Project Reflections in 2013

Charismatic Spirituality

The Church and the Gifts of the Spirit (1Corinthians 12-14)

Christian Basics (four teaching sermons)

Colossians 3:12-15 (A Wedding Sermon)

Connection (A Talk at a Fuller Student Retreat)

A Dictionary of Terms in the OT

Disability and God

Do We Need the New Testament?

Evangelical Spirituality in the Light of Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Fishing on the Sea of Tiberias

Funeral Homily Gloria Mims

God and Disability

Hell (A Sermon in Fuller Chapel)

How to Read the Bible for the First Time

I Don’t Believe in an Interventionist God (A Sermon in Fuller Chapel)

Luke 1:26-38 The Four Key People in the Background to Jesus’ Birth

If You Hurry You May Catch Up with the Risen Christ (Mark_16)

John 1: In the Beginning Was the Word

John 2 (A Wedding Sermon)

John 13:34 Love_One_Another (Sermon)

Kayyom Hazzeh

The Ministry of the Word: A Handbook to the 1978 Lectionary – Sundays after Easter

On the First Gulf War

The OT and Pastoral Studies (dictionary entry)

Real Bread Doesn’t Leave You Hungry (a sermon on John 6)

Preaching on the Stories in Scripture

Rembering Ann: A Personal Reflection on the symposium “Disability in the Christian Tradition”

Response to Ann Ulanov’s 2009 Fuller Integration Lecture

Response to Ellen Davis’ 2013 Payton Lecture on Abraham as Intercessor

Response to Ida Glaser’s Lecture “Toward Cordial Witness to Muslims”

Response to Marie Hoffman’s 2013 Fuller Integration Lectures

Response to “Psychology and Biblical Studies

Separated, Opening the Way, Bursting Open the Grave (A Good Friday Sermon)

Signs, Wonders, and Healing (my contributions)

Spirituality Ethics and Memory

The Spirituality of Preaching

The State of Biblical Studies: SBL Regional Meeting 2013 (Opening Statements)

The Stations of the Cross (St Barnabas Pasadena 2013)

Tabor Material: Narrative

Tabor Material: Poetry

Tabor Material: Prophecy

Tabor Material: Torah

Theological College (Seminary) Training in the Context of a Lifetime’s Journey

Theology and Healing

Things You Should Maybe Know About OT Study

What Is an Episcopalian?Whose_Values_Anyway (Values in Psychotherapy and Counselling with Ann Goldingay)

Yahweh Our God, Yahweh One (The Old Testament and Religious Plurality)












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