Biblical Interpretation

Reading the OT

Hearing God Speak

Do We Need the Apocrypha

OT 856-556Hermeneutics Seminar Syllabus and Course Notes 2012

NE505_Biblical Interpretation (for Psych students)- Syllabus and Course Notes 2009

The Authority of Scripture in Recent Debate (1975)

The Authority of Scripture

Biblical Interpretation and Same-Sex Relationships

Biblical Narrative and Systematic Theology

Biblical Story and the Way it Shapes Our Story

Corporate Personality (handbook entry)

Do We Need the New Testament?

Don’t You Love It, Don’t You Hate It? An OT Reading of Hebrews

Expounding the New Testament

The First Testament and Christian Faith

Hermeneutics of Liberation Theology

How Far Do Readers Make Sense?

An Ignatian Approach to Reading the OT

In Preaching be Scriptural


Inspiration, Infallibility, and Criticism

Interpreting Scripture

Interpretation of the Pentateuch

Interpretation of Writings

Issues for Evangelical Biblical Interpretation

James Barr on Fundamentalism

Keys to Understanding the Bible (handbook entry)

A New Bandwagon Liberation Theology 1972-1990

Luther and the Bible

Masculist Interpretation

The Man of War and the Suffering Servant

Middle Narratives as a Facet of Biblical Theology

Models for Scripture

Modes of Theological Reflection in the Bible

Monotheism (handbook entry)

The Nature of Evangelical Study of the OT

OT Theology and the Canon

Postmodernizing Eve and Adam

Post-structuralist Interpretation and Isaiah 40-55

Pre-modern Modern and Post-modern

Preaching on Narrative

Prophecy and the Newspaper

The Relationship of Theology and History in the OT (“That You May Know that Yahweh is God“)

Scripture and Our Life with God

Scripture in Church: Canon and Lection

Scripture in the Episcopal Tradition

Theological Interpretation

Theological Interpretation: Isaiah 56-66

Theological Understanding of Scripture (handbook entry)

Translating Common Words

The Use of the OT in Hebrews

What Are the Characteristics of Evangelical Study of the OT?






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